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Woolworths RE: Denim

Eco Mannequins

The Woolworths group, one of South Africa’s largest retailers, are leaders in pursuing a sustainable and ethical plan (entitled ‘Our Good Business Journey’) with ambitious targets across energy, water and sourcing which they are aiming to meet by 2020.

As part of this program, the brand looks at all elements of their store portfolio, from lighting and heating, to store fixtures and visual merchandising.

For their RE:Denim brand the unique Evolve Eco mannequins were selected due to their benefits in CO2 reduction, utilisation of recycled and recyclable material along with their inherent bio-biodegradability when they come to the end of their life.

Because the patented process is not restricted to one style of mannequin, the creative teams were able to select and define a collection of figures which perfectly suited both their product and the brands attributes, with over 1000 mannequins installed across the store portfolio.

With the increasing focus on sustainable solutions, more and more retailers are utilising the benefits of the Evolve Eco mannequins to fulfil such a vital role in the visual display of merchandise within the retail environment.