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Christmas 2016

This year marked the 6th successful delivery of Christmas for the Woolworths brand, across their portfolio of over 400 stores in South Africa.

Preparation for these projects begins in January, working with the brands creative team to interpret and understand the primary themes and concepts.

Global Display teams in both South Africa and the Far East develop these initial concepts, providing samples and models which can be developed and finalised into prototypes for the critical elements of the final seasonal scheme.

All of the Christmas ingredients are carefully considered in order to carefully balance a fusion of high quality, bespoke materials with the functional requisites to facilitate instore installation across multiple channels and formats.

This years Christmas scheme incorporated a diverse range of materials, from over 300,000 baubles, ribbon and floristry to over 2000 Christmas trees, lights and present boxes.

Complimenting our logistics and distribution service our teams also facilitate a collect and review service, preparing and analysing the Christmas props required for storage and replenishment in the next 12 months.